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Car Insurance

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It’s more than just a car – it’s an essential part of your life to keep you and your family moving forward.

Without your car life would be a lot more challenging and you have enough to think of without having to worry about getting proper levels of insurance cover and getting it at a great price.

Here at Quoteline we know that car insurance shopping time can be a drag, getting your renewal means having to then shop around to see if there are better car insurance quotes and products elsewhere, filling in online forms, getting stuck in lengthy telephone queues waiting for someone to take your call.

Quoteline is part of a large Irish Owned and Staffed Insurance Brokerage and specialises in Cheap Car Insurance and Home Insurance. Thankfully we are here, we are dependable with over 64 years experience in the Car Insurance business and we are happy to help you .

We have strong relationships with many Insurance Companies, those who operate worldwide and also the smaller Irish owned companies, with car insurance policies available for almost every car, from a one litre economical runabout to a petrol guzzling sports car and all the car types in between.

We can provide great levels of cover from a variety of Insurers, and also have been rewarded with excellent rates, negotiated with you in mind.

We would love to quote you – why not save yourself time and effort and start with a quick car quote now, you’ll be delighted at the price, the product and our customer service too.

As one of the largest cheap car insurance providers in Ireland we can help you get the right policy for you.

We know you don't have the time to waste shopping around for car insurance quotes individually on provider websites so we give you a selection of quotes from many major insurers and let you easily pick the quote that best suits you.

We get our motor insurance quotes from companies like Aviva, Axa, Asgard, Sertus, Zurich and many more!